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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Welcome to Healing Casually! Please forgive me if things are still a little bumpy, I'm still fiddling with templates and design elements, and I will eventually be getting my own domain for this blog. For those following me at of course, this won't be so much of an issue, so if you're not there feel free to follow me there if you prefer. (And join the community while you're at it! It's a great service with a great bunch of people using it.)

If it wasn't obvious, this blog will be a blog about healing in World of Warcraft. I make no claim to be an expert, there's many blogs out there that will be better help if you're looking for just the right gear or talent specs to be a top end raider or PVPer. Instead, I'll be discussing news as it relates to those of us who heal, and my personal, inexpert opinions on everything from patch notes to talent specs. Right now I have a max level Paladin healer and that will likely flavour a lot of my posts, but by the end of this expansion cycle I hope to have a healer of every available healing spec to max level, from the two priests I'm currently levelling to a Dwarf Shaman and a druid of a race I haven't decided on yet come Cataclysm. So, I'll also be making posts chronicling those characters as they level. I'll post about my experiences healing in raids those times I get called up, I'll talk about funny or interesting experiences in battlegrounds. I'm also sure I'll think of things to post about that aren't even occurring to me now!

In any case, I hope any who read this stick around. And please feel free to comment, on whatever it is I post!


Garona said...

interesting blog keep it going :)

Fobok said...

Thanks, Garona. :) I definitely hope to keep it going for quite some time.