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Friday, November 26, 2010

Level Flow

I've just been looking at Zeror's level flow map on MMO-Champion.


It's definitely vastly improved over the original old-world, especially Horde-side which had a couple quests here and a couple quests there once you hit the twenties. Alliance was similar, the quests started to spread out unless you went the Southern EK route, which is still mostly intact today.

The new levelling flow seems to give a lot more options. It depends, though, how many quests are available. I have trouble imagining many Horde quests in Redridge or Duskwood, for example, even though they're marked in white on the map, and that would be a difficult route for a Horde player to take anyway.

Going through the direct routes indicated on the map, it seems that the Horde have two main levelling paths, one in Eastern Kingdoms and one in Kalimdor. Alliance, meanwhile, seem to have three, two in Eastern Kingdoms (Southern and Northern routes) and one in Kalimdor. This makes me think levelling up Horde alts may be in for a lot more crossover in quests than Alliance-side.

So, taking this knowledge it's helped me plan out my characters a bit better. My original plan was to level my four new healers, (a shaman and priest Alliance-side, a druid and priest Horde-side), to level 85, and a Worgen Hunter, a Goblin Mage, and my currently level 24 Warlock to level 60. However, I think I'm going to change my plan a bit so not to do much crossover before 60 since I hate repeating quests.

So, my plan is as follows.

My Dwarf Shaman: I'll keep him and continue to level him up the Northern Eastern-Kingdoms.

My Draenei Priest: I may race-change him to Worgen just for the racials, but whatever the case, I plan to level him up entirely in the dungeon finder.

My Worgen Hunter (?): I'm going to be taking him the Kalimdor route, with a detour to Winterspring at 50 instead of Un'Goro. May choose to make him a druid instead, not positive yet. As you know, I prefer healing, but I want to level at least one healer on my main Horde server so unless I decide to dual up on druids I'll probably stick with Hunter.

My Blood Elf Priest: Not on my primary Horde server, I play him to play with a friend of mine. Again, like my other priest, this will be levelled entirely in the Dungeon Finder. (I find priests too squishy to quest comfortably.)

My Troll Druid: I plan to take him entirely through Kalimdor, per the route on the map most likely.

My Goblin Mage: Yes, I'm doing mage despite my preference for healing. He'll probably entirely be PVP if I get him to max level since I don't like DPSing in dungeons much, but might give me a change of pace if I don't feel like stressing over keeping people alive. I'll be taking him through Azshara, then hopping continents to level him from Hillsbrad through EPL.

That will give me one Alliance levelling path to use for any alts I crave in the future, and I know I will. I'm an altoholic.

So, anybody else have any plans for levelling characters? Or are you less obsessive about avoiding repeating quests than I am? :)

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