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Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Second Priest

As I mentioned earlier, I'm currently levelling two priests. My first priest is level 24 and I will be levelling him holy when I start working on him again. (When he was my only priest, which was just last week, I was planning to take him disc. I got all of one dungeon run as disc before changing my mind, but I haven't respecced him yet.) When a friend of mine asked me to join him on a third server from the two I normally play on, I of course had to start a new character. So it was I created Jamiale, blood elf priest. Another friend of ours was already levelling a holy priest, so I decided to make her disc and have been levelling her as such.

I have limited playtime, and lately I've been spending most of it on Todan, my level 80 Dwarf Paladin. However, I've been popping in here and there to level her up, and managed to grab almost two levels from the pre-Cata quests the other day. When I logged on today planning to spend most of my playtime today levelling her, she was just barely level 10.

My first step today was a trip into Warsong Gulch, to see how the XP:time ratio was for that. Well, the XP wasn't all that great, (alright it was terrible), but I had a blast. I even helped contribute to the victory, though it was all luck that I was in the right position at the right time to do so. As with most WSG games most of the time was spent running back and forth, but I loved popping shields and renews as I ran to keep my teammates alive, and when I could stand still I could nuke the daylights out of people with Penance. We spent most of the match tied 1 to 1, but with about a minute to go we got the flag. The Alliance poured everything into killing that flagbearer, but by pure luck alone I was running back from the graveyard and managed to get ahead of him. As he ran by me I popped a shield on him with just a hairline of a health bar left, hit renew, then Penanced him back up before he was out of range again. That, along with a serious defence holding back all but a couple of the Alliance, was just enough to keep him alive long enough to capture the flag with just five seconds to spare before the match ended.

That's the kind of experience I hope to see more of with the introduction of rated battlegrounds.

In any case, after that my friend logged on and he brought a lowbie Paladin alt around to help me quest. I finished the entirety of Eversong with his help and went on to do a couple quests in Ghostlands (including having him bring his DK out to help me get Lurzon and Knuckle for the 2500 XP from that quest) before I had to call it a night. All told, I got up to just 3000 XP from level 15 and the unlocking of the dungeon finder, which is my true goal.

So, all in all I have to say today was a very productive and enjoyable day.

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