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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Posting Schedule and Elemental Invasion

First, I'd like to mention my posting schedule. I know for the first few days I was posing every day, but that's unmaintainable in general. If I posted every day, I'd be posting nonsense just to keep the topics flowing. So! For a regular schedule, I will attempt to make at the very minimum a post every Tuesday and Friday. However, I'll also make extra posts from time to time as I feel an idea of something to write about.

I had planned a post about my UI today... or, rather, my lack of a proper UI setup and the rather chaotic mess that my screen is, functional though it is. However, with limited playtime today I forgot to take screenshots in the chaos of holiday events.

So, instead, I'll talk about those events!

I'm probably one of the few who has actually enjoyed the lead-in quests before today. Primarily because they re-introduce the Twilight's Hammer and they tie well into the novel Shattering. I'm very much a lore nut, I fully admit. The quests themselves were quick and not very interesting if you ignore the story they try to tell, but I think that does the quests, any quests, a disservice. Questing is as much about the story as the actual quests themselves. That's not to say they shouldn't be fun to play, I hated the quests in the original old world because they were rather boring. However, an interesting enough story can hook me as much as any Plants vs. Zombies quest. (I am, I should note, very much looking forward to doing that quest anyway.)

And now, they've gotten even better, hitting the meat of the event. Elementals are invading major cities, and you have to help shore up the defences and then clean out the city and rescue civilians. This was a blast. Total chaos as half the server population flowed through Ironforge, but fun anyway. Advancing from that, new 5-man bosses open up in the dungeon finder, and I got to play two of them, the two from Ironforge, though I only beat one.

The fire boss, Grand Ambassador Flamelash, was relatively easy... or would have been if people didn't keep standing in the fires. We lost first our tank then the DK who took over as tank to the fires, but luckily the other two DPS managed to stay out of the fires, and didn't take more damage than I could heal.

The other boss I faced was Crown Princess Theredras, the earth boss. That may have been an easy fight as well, there was no fire to worry about there. However, the fight happens on a little island at the top of a waterfall that goes a long way down. I, unfortunately, failed to look around and from my camera angle it looked like the water went all the way around, so I didn't think much about the knockbacks from the rocks she throws.

Yep, I got knocked right back, over the waterfall and down, down, down into the water below. I had no clue how to get back up and after the group wiped I left group in frustration. Of course, that gave me the deserter debuff and I was thus unable to queue for it again or for the two Stormwind bosses. I'll have to try it Wednesday, assuming the potential patch tomorrow doesn't stop the event.

I do have good but unrelated news, though. I brought Jamiale on after all that and got her up to 15 and took her through her first dungeon-finder RFC run. (Unfortunately, I forgot to take screenshots of my UI then as well.) She's now almost level 16. My next goal: Get her to twenty and get a mount!

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