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Friday, December 3, 2010

My Plans for Cataclysm!

What can I say today, just days away from the release of the expansion? I've already mentioned that I'm in no way a hardcore player, so I can't give much in the way of spec advice. And, I did my best to avoid quest spoilers in beta other than questing through part of Hyjal, so I can't give much advice on where to find the best lore in the new levelling zones either.

However, I can talk about my plans, and my specs. Specifically, how I plan to take my Paladin to 85, which will be my primary goal before I turn attention to any other alts. Whether my plans and specs are good, however, is yet to be seen.

First, comes my levelling builds. In beta, I tried out both protection and retribution for solo-questing and by far retribution is the better choice. Protection no longer has the aoe ability that used to make up for its' lack of killing speed, and given how tough mobs are in Cata, the fights just stretch on too long as Protection. I never tried levelling Holy in the beta, but I imagine it's the same.

So, for Retribution, this will be my spec as soon as I go in and change it for Tuesday.

I plan to get Judgements of the Just and Toughness for my next 5 points, as they should add to my survivability very well, and that's an important factor. As I'll never dungeon in this spec, (I can't stand melee DPSing), I have no need to maximize every point of dps.

For dungeon healing, this is my current spec.

I plan, over the next 5 points, to get Improved Judgement, another point in Crusade, and then get two points in Pursuit of Justice. I'll lack the healing bonus of Divinity but I think it's worth it to get the movement speed bonus, given how movement-heavy dungeons and raids are in this expansion.

As for what I plan to do to get myself to 85, I plan to jump into Vash'jir and start questing. When I get tired of questing or fed up with the crowds that are sure to be there the first few days, I'll switch specs and hop into a dungeon.Questing will be my primary means of getting XP, however, as I very much want to see all the new questlines.

Hopefully, this works out alright!

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The Bear Monk said...

I don't know about specing into Pursuit man. I'd just as soon get a boot enchant for the movement increase and spend those points in Divinity instead. Good luck leveling.