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Friday, December 17, 2010

Character Updates

As I've mentioned before, my playtime is severely limited. If I could play as much as I wanted to, I'd likely have a lot more progress to report so far. Still, I do what I can.

First of all, an update on Todan. He's currently about half way through level 81 and advanced into the Shimmering Expanse of Vash'jir. I've taken him on a single dungeon run, into Blackrock Caverns, and in fact that's where he dinged 81. At 80/81, I didn't see much in the way of the new difficulty, but I'm nervous of later levels. We'll see. So far, my only complaint is the respawn rates in Vash'jir. Now that the crowds are gone, they're just a little too intense. I've often ended up fighting 5 mobs in a row as they instantly respawn when killed.

I've also been working on my new Worgen Druid, Julvin. I have to say, I love the Worgen starting area, but I have to agree with some that have said the Goblin zones are better. Anyway, I've gotten him to level 13 and he's just arrived in Darkshore. He's an engineer since it's my favourite profession. Engineering doesn't seem very druidic but whatever, I already have an inscriber and an alchemist and a jewelcrafter on that server, I figured I might as well go with what's fun. And, I imagine Julvin sees chemical reactions as all part of nature as well.

So far I haven't done anything else on any other characters lately. I so wish I had more playtime available. Especially with Christmas coming up my available time is going to go down as well. Still, I have fun with what time I can squeeze out of it.

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