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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Kink in the Plans

Yes, I'm very late. Not only did I miss my Tuesday post but I missed yesterday as well. There's a reason!

For the last few weeks, I've been dealing with a slowly-dying router. It would quite regularly need a hard reset, but in addition to this it would reset itself every now and then. It's been doing this since Blizzcon, I think I wounded it streaming that coverage.

Tuesday I tried to play WoW and found that I was disconnecting every few minutes. I managed to get far enough along in Vash'jir to get my seahorse and a couple quests beyond, but I was so fed up after that of constant disconnects, often in the middle of fights (luckily there were always enough players around to notice and save me.. either that or my autoattack is good, came back every time alive and with a dead enemy), I couldn't bring myself to post. I was seriously so frustrated I couldn't think straight.

The rest of the week I couldn't stay on long enough to even browse the web in peace. (And, really, web browsing is how I usually get my inspiration for subjects to post about.)

Last night, my trials were at an end. My mother took pity on me and the router my parents were getting me for Christmas was given to me early. I was able to play again!

And I played. I played WoW until my arm hurt too much to continue. Rather than continue Vash'jir, though, I started a Worgen, going druid after all, and played him up through level 6. (Yes, only level 6, my arm's still a little weak from the bad pull a few weeks back.) Still, it was a blast to be back, to play without interruption once again, and this took me past midnight. I also, after a small rest, played a few matches of Star Battle in Starcraft 2, something much easier on my arm than WoW, and a map I've been wanting to try all week.

So! I'm back, and assuming I didn't overdo it tonight and damage my arm again (I don't think I did), I'm back to playing. So, my posts should once again be back on schedule as well!

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