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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ninja Looters

I haven't been playing much since Christmas, but the other day I decided to take my blood elf priest into Shadowfang Keep. Well, I was looking for a dungeon in general, and I knew if I took random I could get Wailing Caverns. I hate that dungeon, way too long. It was fantastic for the first half of the dungeon. I noticed everything was being rolled need, but I didn't pay too much attention. It was a low-level dungeon, I figured it's probably likely that people do need those items.

Then, about halfway through (by which point I'd already levelled once), the bear tank noticed that the shaman was rolling need on mail. (I didn't even think it was possible, but somehow in our dungeon run it was.) When called on it, the shaman disconnected. Then, a few minutes later, someone else is doing the same thing, rolling need on items they can't use, so they get kicked.

I'd never knowingly encountered a ninja looter until that dungeon run, and in it there was two. Thankfully, I didn't miss out on any healing gear because of it.

Other than a few wipes on one of the bosses (the tank kept pulling the boss along with the adds rather than seperating them), the rest of the run went splendidly and I managed to level again a second time. Jamiale is now level 21! She's now riding one of those ugly birds the blood elves get... man, I hope my Goblin rep gets to exalted soon.

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